7.1. IIWOII provides services and products according to provisions of the Law of the Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumer Rights" dated 07.02.1992 No. 2300-1. 

According to the current legislation, some goods under any circumstances aren't subject to exchange/return if no shortcomings are discovered in such goods.

 The general list of products, which are not subject to an exchange on the bases stated above, is set by the Government of the Russian Federation (the relevant Regulation No. 55 in the edition operating for date of the approval of the present Information).

 Services and products produced by IIWOII are included in that list in accordance with article 14 Regulation No. 55

 "Acyclic editions (books, brochures, albums, cartographical and musical editions, foliated art publications, calendars, booklets, the editions reproduced on technical data carriers). Based on above the company do not return the items and do not refund money for orders you may make on the company sites.

7.2. Defective IIWOII Services, the products with shortcomings can be returned: within 14 calendar days after receiving provided that the lack of the IIWOII Services is of production and did not arise through the fault of the client.

If the item shows signs of use, damage, or is missing its original packaging, you may be refused a return.To return IIWOII with defects, you may need an expert opinion confirming the nature of the defect. If the item has been damaged due to misuse, negligence, or misuse, it cannot be returned. When the goods arrive at the seller's warehouse, specialists will check their condition and quality. If the defect or condition of the item is not confirmed, it will be sent back to the buyer. Return shipping is paid by: the seller, if the goods have defects after the expertise.

7.3. The money will be returned to your card, account or account in the payment system from which you paid for the order. If you return a defective item, you will receive a refund for the return shipping cost. To do this, send a copy of the shipment receipt to

The seller will send money within 10 business days after receiving the item and checking its condition. Then the bank or payment system can process the payment for several more days. The money will be credited in 3–20 days. Product and shipping fees are returned separately and may arrive at different times.

Terms and conditions, Paragraph (7).