Robo-Advisor X.0

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"If you are born poor its not your mistake, but if you die poor its your mistake"- Bill Gates.

Despite of most emerging market economies have such weaknesses as limited financial infrastructure, lack of adequate regulation and transparency, low level of financial literacy, unethical market participants behavior and the overall problem of income inequality all above is the great opportunity for emerging robo-advisors (particularly, independent online financial advisors).

Robo-advisors will exploit these market inefficiencies in their business models and take the place of local FS ecosystem` natural regulators. Whenever you use bottom-up analysis (with a conclusion of democratizing finance, the social impact that can be generated through financial technology in terms of ensuring access to financial services and products for the millions adults who are excluded from the formal financial system) or top-down approach (with a conclusion of emergence of the independent financial intermediaries with the core role in financial market infrastructure) the summary is robo-advisors dramatically change local FS ecosystem offering significant growth potential for investors who are ready to participate in the first-mover advantage players success.

Today, emerging market robo-advisors or coming start-ups have one-generation opportunity to build new products relying on the knowledge about developed market robo-advisors` business models with their strengths, threats and best practices but developing more sophisticated ones using the latest trends in robo-advisory development as personalized decision-making, financial advice and financial planning convergence, goal based investing, gamification, IT harnessing of economics of scale, and modern fintech industry tools as machine learning, AI&data science (or even quantum computation).

With the intermediate goal of information asymmetry erasing along with analysis of person system of values, health and financial profile robo-advisors make possible to realize the best potential of every person – self-actualization. Let`s have a look into the future to find out

What is Robo-Advisor X.0?

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